Interested in employing and developing young talent?

We are industry experts who provide free training and can support you in hiring someone young who will become a success in your business.

services-img5The free training includes an initial fast track intensive course that ensures when the apprentice is in the work environment they can start to deliver immediately on your projects. They will continue to study on day release at an OFSTED rated ‘outstanding’ college for a BTEC Level 3 in Construction & the Built Environment. We will continue to support and asses your Apprentice until they have successfully passed their qualifications.

In partnership with Barnsley College we are delivering the following Apprenticeships:


Structural Detailing

For those wanting to develop a role as a CAD Technician or Engineer, particularly in the area of Civil/Structural Engineering or Construction.


Architectural Detailing

For those wanting to develop a role as a Technician or Architect, from housing to large scale commercial projects.