CASE STUDY with Deighton – Design & Draughting Apprentice

Apprentice Name: Deighton


Length of time on programme: 8 months


What was you doing before you started your apprenticeship?

Before I started I was at college working towards a level 3 engineering diploma, until I found an apprenticeship with employment and left the course.


What made you apply for this apprenticeship with T3?

I was searching for a Design Engineer role as on the first year of my college course I was using CAD and drawing and I really liked it so that’s what brought me to apply for that type of apprenticeship and when I was looking I spotted T3 Training and their opportunities so I applied for one of the vacancies they had advertised and was offered a job by the employer.


What have you learned since starting your apprenticeship?

Since I have started the course I have learned how to use CAD efficiently and I have massively improved my knowledge of the construction sector already. I have also completed an Asbestos Awareness training course.


Who do you work for and what do they do?

I work for Holloway Jennings Consulting Engineers and my company does drawings for industrial and domestic work. The drawings can range from just giving information to tender drawings and construction final issue drawings. in addition to this we also do drainage and calculations for structures to make sure that it can stand up this will involve wind loads dead and live loads etc.


What is your role at HJ Consulting?

My role is a CAD technician, so I will produce professional drawings which will be sent to site for information or to help them build the structure


What are your future goals within the company?

My future goals are to become a qualified engineer or even chartered this is so that I can do calculations as well as draw on cad this will mean that I will have a bigger role in the company and be more important as I can do both cad and calculations.



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