Learner Support – Completing your Job Application Forms

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  • Clearly read the job description, making note of key points such as entry requirements and ‘essential’ qualities.


  • Do not use the same application details for different jobs. It is important to tailor your application to the job specification you are applying for.


  • Employers are looking for individuals who can:
    • Show that they understand what the job is about.
    • Demonstrate relevant skills and qualities required for the job.
    • Can relate their experience to the requirements of the job.
    • Demonstrate they understand the organisation and share its aims and ethos.
    • Meet the job specification.


  • Among the general skills employers look for are:
    • Good communication in speech and in writing.
    • Ability to learn quickly.
    • Ability to organise and prioritise tasks


  • Explain what attracts you to the job and offer evidence of your suitability.


  • List courses in reverse chronological order. Give detailed information about relevant courses or training and include GCSE grades that you have achieved.


  • List previous occupations/work experience in reverse chronological order. Highlight aspects of your work experience which will help to sell you for the job.


  • Under activities and interests it is not so much the content of the pursuit which interests the employer but more the type of activity i.e. team or individual.


  • References should include your last employer. Personal references are less helpful.


  • Use an appropriate email address and voicemail message on your phone.


  • Regularly log onto your account to track your applications. Don’t let emails end up on your junk folder.


  • Don’t undersell yourself. Be confident (but honest!) about your abilities.

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