Why is it important to attend career events?

We have been quite busy over the last couple of months attending various schools, 6th forms and college career events.

We have found these beneficial when speaking to individuals and understanding what individuals are wanting to know.  Yes, it can be quite a confusing time trying to figure out what your next steps are and where you see yourself progressing within a career, but we have all been there, so we understand what you are going through.  That is why we feel it is so important to attend career events as there will be various colleges, training providers, 6th forms and sometimes employers who have a stand at the events.  We are all here to help guide and give you advice on what you can do next and we can answer any questions you have.


Here are my top tips when attending career events


Try and find out who will be attending before the event, so you can research the company especially if it is one you have never heard of and see if what they do interests you.


Visit as many stands and companies as you can especially if they really interest you.


Don’t be shy, we won’t bite!  We know how nerve-wracking it can be approaching people but we are here to help.


Write down some questions you want to ask, this is not only so you don’t forget but you’ll also ask relevant questions based on what you want to know.


Take any literature they have on offer.  You can then read back over these later.


Register your interest and attend any events the companies might be doing.  This will give you an insight into what you can be learning, doing as a career and this experience can then be mentioned on your CV.  If you do any work whilst at the event, keep it and use it in any employer interviews you may have as this might make you stand out from other candidates.


We won’t be offended if you are not interested in what we are offering.  We might be able to direct you onto another company who might be what you are looking for.



After the event look over the literature you have taken and see what really interests you as a potential next step, look over any entry requirements making sure that these are what you have or what you are working towards.  The next step is an important step, work hard and your hard work will pay off.  Studying and working hard will get the results that you are after and the transition into what you want to do next would be a lot easier.





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